USTP programs aim to improve performance by building strength and power. We initially identify any areas of weakness and/or instability and work on these to help minimize the potential risk of injury or re-injury. Our athletes receive personalized training programs based on their sport, specific physiological needs and individual goals.

At USTP, our emphasis is on training movement and correcting biomechanical dysfunction, to support the required physical demands athletes need to perform in their sports. Our program is ideal for anyone, whether you are an elite athlete wanting to improve performance, or someone just wanting to improve their overall general fitness. Whatever your goals, our programs will be tailored completely to the individual.

Our association with Anglia Ruskin University means we have access to their Strength & conditioning/ Science lab. We are able to conduct several physiological testing procedures, including; Vo2 Max, power output, body composition measurements, and the ability to provide you with a nutrition plan, to help elevate your performance to the next level.

What to expect from our Strength & Conditioning Services:

  • Free consultation

  • Detailed movement and injury prevention screening

  • Performance test (Isokinetic strength testing, Power output, Body composition measurement)

  • Individually tailored Strength & Conditioning plan to help you maximize your performance

  • One- to- one coaching

  • Free access to our strength & conditioning App

  • Weekly performance and well-being data collection via App

Additional Strength & Conditioning services available:

  • Small group coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Physiological testing (Vo2Max, Power output, body composition, isokinetic strength testing)

  • Online coaching


"For the past year, Peter has excelled in the continued development of one of England’s most talented blind football players. Peter is deeply knowledgeable about strength and conditioning, and he continually champions best practise. Peter was professional in every respect to ensure my player and I received the best service possible. Peter’s flexibility and accommodating demeanour meant that he travelled to various locations to ensure my players training schedule was not compromised. Peter’s work contributed to The FA’s England blind football squad achieving a bronze medal at the 2017 European Championships and ensuring England qualified for the World Championships in 2018."

Ayser Hussain - National Physical Performance and Classification Manager – The FA Group

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